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    Expert Drone Inspection Service in San Diego, Riverside & Orange County

    No leak or damaged tile goes unnoticed thanks to our precise drone roof inspection

    Diagnose hidden issues using our thorough drone roof inspection

    When you suspect an issue with your gutters, roof tiles, or another structural issue, you can contact 619 Roofing for a comprehensive drone roof inspection service in San Diego and across the region. Without risking the safety of our technicians or your property, we’ll collect the necessary data using high-resolution aerial footage of your roof. 

    This way, we can easily recognize damaged flashing, missing or broken shingles, clogged gutters, and other issues. Hard-to-reach surfaces, like skylights, flat roofs, and chimney caps pose no challenge for our certified drone roof inspection. Your roof will be mapped and measured in detail to ensure that any planned maintenance, repair, or other service is conducted without setbacks. 

    Detailed drone roof inspections ensure a correct evaluation

    As a business owner, homeowner, or HOA manager in San Diego, you want the appeal, value and functionality of your property to be preserved. For this reason, it’s essential to have a realistic insight into the actual condition of your roof, shingles, and gutters. 

    Remote-controlled drone roof inspection can overcome otherwise insurmountable physical limitations and grant you a birds-eye view of your roof. It can help you correctly assess any damage or deficiency, This way, you plan your budget according to pending maintenance or necessary improvements.  

    Leading drone roof inspection company guarantees your safety

    Leading drone roof inspection company guarantees your safety

    Direct inspection of hardly accessible roof surfaces is sometimes impossible, due to numerous factors. If the structure is too damaged, wet, slippery, or steep, it’s best not to risk the safety of your inspector. For this reason, our team has learned how to operate precise drones and ensure secure roof inspections, without risking work-related injuries and liability costs. Whether your property or office space is located in San Diego, Riverside, or Orange County, you can rely on us. 

    Our staff members have the necessary skill and qualifications to conduct a thorough survey using advanced technology. This will be done without risking the safety of your roof or anyone involved in the process. 

    Explore the benefits of our drone roof inspection service in San Diego, Riverside & Orange County

    • Detailed and quality aerial imaging that ensures enough data for us to make the right decision.
    • Timely surveying of discreet and inconspicuous deficiencies that would otherwise be ignored.
    • Lower risk of physical injury and liability and greater safety of everyone involved.
    • You’ll receive detailed 3D reports with accurate measurements and proposed expert solutions.

    Certified drone roof inspection makes things easier

    Your roof is one of the first lines of defense of your residence or office building. When you schedule a regular drone roof inspection in San Diego, Riverside, or Orange County, you can avoid costly repairs, comprehensive overhauls of some parts, and identify potential problems with your walls, foundation, attic, and gutters. Ensure that your property sustains all weather conditions with timely and professional assistance. 

    You don’t have to risk climbing a steep roof or asking a roofing inspector to do this for you, when you can call us. Our technicians will operate the drone, take the necessary measurements, screen your roof from all angles, and provide a thorough report.  

    We provide comprehensive and accurate reports

    Select an advanced option to thoroughly map your roof. Schedule your first drone roof inspection today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I do roof inspections with a drone?

      The answer is – of course! However, if you lack technical knowledge, you can risk damaging the drone or a part of your roof. Fortunately, you can rely on professionals in San Diego and outsource drone roof inspection to them. More and more property surveys are done with the help of drones and cameras, so no roof is too large, high, or inaccessible enough to be beyond reach. 

    • Do roofers use drones?

      Established companies use drones in various stages of construction, repair, and maintenance projects. Drone roof inspections are used to monitor the progress of an ongoing project, measure the roof using advanced applications, spot hidden defects, and mark them. Your local team in San Diego will likewise use this solution when checking your roof.

    • What is a drone roof survey?

      This is a type of aerial survey used to identify structural problems with inaccessible roofs. With this type of survey, you don’t need a ladder. It’s used to identify deficiencies on gables, gutters, parapets, pointing, lead flashing, and chimney pots. 

      You can reap many benefits from professional drone roof inspection in San Diego and other local communities. This includes detailed aerial images of your roof, flashing, chimney, guttering, tiling, and gable. 

    • How much does a drone roof inspection cost?

      The price of your drone roof inspection will primarily depend on the average time needed to carefully survey every detail of your roof. Another factor is the purpose of the survey and whether you need to do some additional checks. To get an accurate estimate, contact an established roofing company in San Diego County and we’ll gladly help you out. 

    • Where can I find a reliable drone roof inspection service near me in San Diego & beyond?

      Whether your property, office, or HOA is located within Little Italy, San Diego, or in Downtown Santa Ana, or elsewhere in San Diego, Orange, or Riverside County, count on our professional aerial inspectors in your vicinity. We have trained technicians in our team that know how to operate advanced multi-rotor drones with precise cameras, capturing every detail of your roof. 

      After we successfully survey and identify issues on your roof, you can hire our technicians to perform a variety of tasks:

      Call 619 Roofing to schedule your first remote aerial survey today!