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    Here at 619 Roofing, we offer high-quality services year-round, be it new construction, tear-off, re-roofing, minor repairs or regular maintenance. You can always count on us to give you helpful insight and guidance so you can make the right decision for this lifetime investment. You can count on us to cater to all your roofing needs throughout the area, be it tile roof repair in San Diego, leaking skylight repair in Orange County or consultation with licensed roofing contractors in Riverside.

    Our customer-friendly financing options and 24/7 emergency service are unmatched in the industry.

    24 Hour Emergency Staff / Emergency Tarping Service

    We have staff available 24/7 to answer your calls.

    If YOUR property is suddenly experiencing a leak, call us right away.

    WE CAN HELP YOU WITH OUR EMERGENCY TARPING SERVICE. 619 Roofing has numerous dispatched trucks and staff; we can accommodate any emergency.

    (619) 540-5155

    Reach out to us for quality workmanship & impeccable execution

    We offer professional roofing services in San Diego, Riverside and Orange County that come with an exceptional customer experience. Reach out to us and find out why we are the number one choice of real estate agents, homeowner associations and residential and commercial property owners in our community.

    We are industry veterans who keep raising the bar. From gutter and roof installation to maintenance and repair, to tear-off or re-roofing, we are committed to the highest industry standards. With us in your corner, your roof will be intact for many years to come.


    Our experienced roofing specialists in San Diego, Riverside and OC can replace and install your brand new roof or a roof which has undergone extensive repairs with maximum efficiency.

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    If you decide to start fresh, our team will remove the old roof and place a healthy foundation before building your new roof. This eliminates the risks of hidden degradation or dangerous buildup.

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    Roof repairs

    We know that you need a healthy roof over your head, and our highly-skilled roofers in Riverside, CA, San Diego County and OC will repair your roof quickly and effectively.

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    This frequently overlooked step is crucial if you want to avoid costly repairs down the line. We perform diligent periodic inspections and maintenance to keep your roof in shipshape.

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    As part of roofing in Orange County, San Diego County and Riverside, we install durable gutters. They keep water and rainfall at bay, protecting your home from devastating water damage.

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    Don’t take our word for it, just ask our other clients!

    After 619 Roofing contractors handled my re-roofing, the value of my property increased, so I recouped my investment upon home sale. I would definitely hire them again for my future roof improvement projects. Safe to say that they’re definitely the right people for the job!

    - Timothy Jones 08/23/18

    Hiring the 619 Roofing team was the best decision I could make for my home. They are professional, efficient and truly polite, so it was a pleasure working with them. All the roof leaks are 100% gone and so are my worries!

    - Sarah Williams 01/16/19

    We just had our roof repaired by 619 Roofing and the results were everything we could have hoped for. The crew was extremely pleasant and professional and we’re so thankful for their hard work!

    - Dan & Sarah Johnson 02/23/19

    My experience with the 619 Roofing team was excellent. Everything went exactly as planned, from start to finish. The roof has performed perfectly since their intervention, even after all the big thunderstorms we’ve had recently. Would definitely recommend their services to anybody struggling with roofing issues.

    - James Parsons 03/11/19

    A heartfelt thanks to everyone at 619 Roofing. It was a worthwhile investment. The roof looks amazing and I no longer have to worry about heavy rainfall!

    - Jim Hanks 03/25/19

    I am so glad I took the advice of the highly skilled crew over at 619 Roofing. They did a marvelous job repairing my roof. Hiring them paid off big time and I’m definitely hiring them again!

    - Robert Kaspinsky 04/15/19

    619Roofing is the best roofing company in San Diego! Will work with them anytime I need roofing services. They did a great job when they replaced my roof. They are family owned and I like that. Awesome people!

    - David Hernandez 01/20/2020

    Our neighbors recommended 619 Roofing because of their great service and location here in Escondido. Alex was beyond helpful. I knew what I wanted but was curious to see a few options. Alex put together an impressive sample display and helped me stay within my budget. I highly recommend their services. Thanks again.

    - Steven Gonzales 06/17/2020

    Thank you to the entire 619 Roofing team! Eric came out and gave us a quick and honest quote to replace the roof on our newly purchased home. He provided samples on site and even emailed us a few more to make sure we made the best decision. No question was ever too much. My husband and I are extremely happy we chose 619 Roofing. Thank you again for all your hard work.

    - Fernanda Mancillas 11/23/2020

    I’ve read a lot of good things about this company, and after using their services I see why.. I was hesitant with this whole roof process but Alex and 619 Roofing were able to make this an easy and comfortable decision. They were able to walk me step by step throughout the entire process. We are thrilled with the final product! Thank you for everything! If you’re in Chula Vista and need roof work, give 619 Roofing a call!!

    - Lysette Espinoza 03/06/2021

    We had our roof inspected prior to purchasing our home. 619 Roofing provided a detailed report along with a fair quote. After what felt like forever we finally closed and received the keys to our new home. Not only did 619 Roofing honor their original quote they got us on calendar a lot sooner than we expected. Our roof is now complete and we are officially settled into our dream home. Thank you again for all your hard work.

    - Julia Shrum 08/12/2021

    Find out what makes 619 Roofing stand out

    What makes us rise above our competitors is that we offer a range of perks to our clients:

    • Re-roof financing
    • Roof repair financing
    • Maintenance financing
    • Year-round 24/7 emergency service

    Reach out to us so you could make an informed decision that’s good for your property and good for your budget. Our highly qualified team consists of cream-of-the-crop GAF Factory and Owens Corning certified roofing contractors.

    Why you should put your trust in us and your roof in our hands?

    We never let anything fall through the cracks, because there won’t be any once we’re done!

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    We are here to repair or install your roof anywhere in San Diego County!

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    The roof on your Riverside residential or commercial property is in good hands!

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    Wherever in Orange County you may be, count on us to keep your roof healthy!

    Experience & expertise rolled into one: Riverside, OC & San Diego roof repair, maintenance or installation

    Here at 619 Roofing, we offer high-quality services year-round, be it construction, tear-off, re-roofing, minor repairs or regular maintenance. You can always count on us to give you helpful insight and guidance so you can make the right decision for this lifetime investment. You can count on us to cater to all your roofing needs throughout the area, be it tile roof repair in San Diego, leaking skylight repair in Orange County or consultation with licensed roofing contractors in Riverside.

    We strive to be as efficient as possible. We take great pride in what we do because we contribute to the comfort and safety of our neighbors, giving them peace of mind. Here at 619 Roofing, we are deeply committed to the community: not only do we provide high-quality services but also perform charity work. It is our way to give back to the community and express our appreciation for our clients’ loyalty.


    How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Roof?

    Even though roofs are highly durable and last decades, outside factors such as extreme weather conditions, fire or falling debris (such as heavy tree branches) can damage a roof. This requires the immediate attention of reliable roofing specialists of San Diego like 619 Roofing.

    The question that will immediately be on any San Diego homeowner’s mind is “how much does roof repair cost”. Roof repairs are among the most expensive home repair projects, but don’t let that discourage you.

    The reason why roof repairs are costly is that, as previously mentioned, the roof is one of the most durable parts of your home. Therefore, when choosing a San Diego county roofing company, make sure not to get cheap.

    If improperly done, a roof repair may only incur additional repair costs if the materials used aren’t up to the standards or the craftsmanship is poor.

    The average price of a roof repair contract can range between $5000 and $15000, depending on several factors.

    Some of the factors that influence the cost of roof repairs are:

    1. The cost of materials per square roof
    2. The cost of manual labor
    3. The cost of materials and equipment
    4. Miscellaneous costs like machinery, surface preparation and additional components.

    The price of roof repair does not include:

    1. Roof replacement permits required by the San Diego County
    2. Inspection and Building Fees
    3. General Contractor Fees

    Should I Choose Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing?

    When faced with the decision to repair your roof, there are several options a homeowner can follow. In most cases, their choice comes down to two popular procedures: roof replacement or re-roofing. Read as we explain the difference between the two.

    Why Are Re-Roofs San Diego Homeowner’s Favorite Choice?

    Re-roofs are very popular with San Diego homeowners as they are the less expensive alternative to getting a new roof. However, not all roofs are suitable for the process. This largely depends on the roofing material, the level of damage and several other factors.

    The process of re-roofing involves adding layers of new shingles to the already existing shingles on your roof. If your roof is in good shape but just reached an age when it needs to be replaced, re-roofing can help get a brand new roof at a reduced price.

    One of the requirements for this is that your roof has not sustained any major water damage, has missing shingles or a weakened construction. Re-roofing is a procedure that can only be done once, so if you’ve already had this procedure on your roof, you cannot do it again. Re-roofing is most effective when the entire roof is covered.

    When Is A San Diego Roof Replacement Necessary?

    If your roof has any of the issues listed above, not a single re-roofing San Diego professional can help. In this case, a roof replacement is your only viable option. In most cases, re-roofing is done preventively or if there are just a few issues with the roof. In all other scenarios, roof replacement is a better solution for all your roofing issues from the base to the shingles.

    Is Roof Repair Covered By Insurance?

    In most cases, all-peril homeowner insurance only covers a roof repair if the damage was a result of an act of nature. This rule applies to any roof, regardless of its age. However, if your roof was in a poor condition due to lack of maintenance or if it had exceeded its recommended life span.

    Unforeseen Events and Catastrophes

    As the roof is your home’s first line of defense against severe weather conditions such as hail, storms, tornadoes and similar catastrophes. Any damage to the roof resulting from an act of nature is covered by standard homeowner’s insurance. The insurance company will assess whether a homeowner is eligible for a full roof replacement.

    Maintenance Issues

    The durability of a roof is directly affected by the materials used during construction. The homeowner is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the roof. That said, homeowners’ insurance does cover any water damage from a leak in the roof, but not the roof repair itself.

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