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    Roof Replacement Financing Options: Affordable & Reliable

    If you have been looking for local roofing companies that finance, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We are here for you.

    Financing lasting commercial & residential roofing solutions

    Finding local roofing companies that finance is a challenge, as this arrangement comes with its own set of criteria you have to meet in order to be eligible. 619 Roofing offers convenient financing that fits every home or business owner’s budget. We understand that a roof replacement project is not only stressful in and of itself, but also that it cannot be avoided and must not be postponed. For this reason, we go all out to keep our financing options as simple as possible.

    As far as financing goes, we offer the following options:

    You can benefit from our roof replacement financing options

    Re-roofing financing

    Is re-roofing the best option for you? We have an in-house financing program for re-roofs. The minimum value is $ 5,000 and the maximum one is $ 75,000.

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    Roof repair financing

    Not repairing your roof could result in loss of value and property. Why take the chance? Financing available if the cost of your roof repair is over $ 5,000.

    Roof repair san diego is crucial if you want to avoid costly repairs down the line.

    Maintenance financing

    Prevent major issues with your roof by taking action on a regular basis. We offer financing for roof maintenance if the minimum value is $ 5,000.

    Why reach out to 619 Roofing?

    Our goal is to give you the peace of mind you need so you can make decisions that lead to smart, long-lasting solutions that are worth the investment, and not because you are limited by budget. Other roofing companies with payment plans may not have your best interest at heart, which is why they will be willing to offer you a quick fix you might regret later on.
    But here at 619 Roofing, we believe that anything other than a durable, high-quality solution is unacceptable, and we have a long and successful track record to prove that we always act with our clients’ best interest at heart.

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    Our roof replacement financing options

    619 Roofing works with the individual home or business owner to see what fits the budget they have at their disposal. If you have been looking for roofing companies with payment plans that work for you but have had no luck so far, count on us to make it happen. Your residential or commercial property is always a worthwhile investment, and so is your roof.
    If you opt for re-roofing or repair, you can rely on us to work out the right payment plan. Our financing options depend on the size of the job, the down payment amount, and the homeowner’s credit score. We offer everything from Term Loans to lines of credit that the business or homeowner can use.

    The benefits of financing through 619 Roofing

    619 Roofing’s roof financing can provide you with comes with major advantages:

    • Competitive rates
    • Payments that fit your budget
    • No hidden costs
    • Unsecured loans up to $75,000
    • Easy-to-understand paperwork

    Commercial & residential property owner’s number one choice

    For you commercial or residential property, you need highly competent roofing contractors in San Diego that are affordable but not at the expense of quality. This is what 619 Roofing can offer you. If you have been putting off solving your roof issues because of fear that the cost of the repair, maintenance or re-roofing might go through the roof, rely on our experience, expertise and convenient financing options to help you find the optimal, tailor-made solution.

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    Don’t take our word for it, just ask our other clients!

    After 619 Roofing contractors handled my re-roofing, the value of my property increased, so I recouped my investment upon home sale. I would definitely hire them again for my future roof improvement projects. Safe to say that they’re definitely the right people for the job!

    - Timothy Jones 08/23/18

    Hiring the 619 Roofing team was the best decision I could make for my home. They are professional, efficient and truly polite, so it was a pleasure working with them. All the roof leaks are 100% gone and so are my worries!

    - Sarah Williams 01/16/19

    We just had our roof repaired by 619 Roofing and the results were everything we could have hoped for. The crew was extremely pleasant and professional and we’re so thankful for their hard work!

    - Dan & Sarah Johnson 02/23/19

    My experience with the 619 Roofing team was excellent. Everything went exactly as planned, from start to finish. The roof has performed perfectly since their intervention, even after all the big thunderstorms we’ve had recently. Would definitely recommend their services to anybody struggling with roofing issues.

    - James Parsons 03/11/19

    A heartfelt thanks to everyone at 619 Roofing. It was a worthwhile investment. The roof looks amazing and I no longer have to worry about heavy rainfall!

    - Jim Hanks 03/25/19

    I am so glad I took the advice of the highly skilled crew over at 619 Roofing. They did a marvelous job repairing my roof. Hiring them paid off big time and I’m definitely hiring them again!

    - Robert Kaspinsky 04/15/19