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    If you want to be absolutely certain that the health and safety of your roof are restored in the shortest amount of time, you’ve come to the right place. We are a home roofing service that was built on professionalism and integrity. We care about our clients and offer them options in accordance with their needs, preferred time frame, and available budget. Our home roofing contractors In Encinitas will go above and beyond to act in your best interest at all times!


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    • Your satisfaction is our top priority: we will conduct an inspection of your roofing in Encinitas swiftly and with precision so we can get down to business as soon as possible;
    • Solutions tailored to your property: we will carefully evaluate any relevant aspects and offer you a variety of options that would work best for your needs and budget;
    • Non-stop emergency service: our team is on call 24/7 so you can rest assured we will not keep your emergency on hold but get to work right away;
    • Helping you maximize your investment: the competitive prices of our high-quality products and roofing services make our solutions both durable and cost-effective.
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    All members of our personnel are hand-picked industry veterans who are the number one choice of commercial and residential property owners, HOA representatives, and realtors throughout the area. With 619 team on your side, your residential or commercial property roofing will be restored to its full functionality in no time, whether through repair, tear-off, or re-roofing. Furthermore, through our regular maintenance and gutter cleaning services, we’ll make sure it stays that way for years to come!



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    When you decide to put 619 Roofing in charge of your project, you can rest assured that you will have a team of genuine professionals on your side. We will ensure that your roofing in Encinitas is in tip-top shape to ensure your satisfaction in the years to come. We also use first-rate materials, cutting-edge tools, and premium-quality equipment to give you results that count. With us, you get the most out of your investment in every conceivable way: maximum functionality, maximum durability, and maximum satisfaction.

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    We are here to give you lasting protection and peace of mind and eliminate any risks of damage to your property. We will always find a way to cater to your needs and work out solutions in your best interest, whether you are in Encinitas, San Diego, Riverside, or Orange County. The best part is that we are available 24/7 so you can count on us any time of day or night. With us by your side, your roofing is built to last!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long does it take to replace a roof?

      Generally, skilled roofing contractors in Encinitas can get the job done in two-days time. However, since homes differ in size and materials used in construction, the timeframe can vary. Depending on the option you decide to pursue, it can take a day or two more. This especially applies to large-scale operations and home roof repairs and replacements that involve a high degree of customization.

    • How much does a roof replacement cost in Encinitas?

      The best way to find out is to contact our experienced home roofing contractors and get a prompt and transparent estimate. The main things to take into consideration are the size of your property and the type of roofing material you choose. Specific requests and personalized solutions can raise the price significantly, depending on the ideas you may have.

    • What is the best temperature to replace a roof?

      There are two main issues to keep in mind. The first is the specific properties of the roofing material you want to install. Most silicon adhesives and other types of sealants have an operating temperature between 40 and 85 degrees F, or roughly between 5 and 25 degrees C. If the weather is too hot or too cold, the materials may shrink, expand, or become brittle, deformed, and prone to breakage.

      The second is that working in adverse weather conditions can become a problem for your roofing service technicians in Encinitas since they have to brave the elements. It can become very hot on top of your house during the summer, and concurrently, extremely chilly or wet during the colder months, which can make their job impossible and subject to delays.

    • What kind of roof lasts the longest?

      Clay and slate tiles are the most durable and long-lasting materials. Roofing contractors sometimes call slate-based constructions “forever roofs” because, unless you’re unfortunate to face a disaster of some sort, they can last 100 years or even more. They require minimum maintenance, can handle different weather conditions with ease, and have great thermal comfort properties. The only drawback is that they can be too heavy for certain types of homes in Encinitas to carry.

    • Who should be my first choice among roofing contractors in Encinitas, CA?

      Whether you need us for a minor roof repair in Encinitas in the vicinity of Moonlight Beach or a more extensive and challenging roof repair anywhere else in San Diego, Riverside, or Orange County, we’ve got you covered.

      Are you a real estate agent looking for the most reliable re-roof option? Or perhaps a homeowner looking for the most affordable home roofing contractor for maintenance and gutter cleaning? An HOA representative in need of an experienced roofing contractor in Escondido? 619 Roofing is San Diego’s go-to professional roofing contractors of choice. We never shy away from challenges and we are always ready to step up to the plate. Call us today!