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    Homeowners, commercial property owners, and HOA managers need to address roof-related issues in a timely manner to prevent further damage. However, since this type of improvement requires expertise and knowledge, you need to find the best experts in commercial and home roofing services in La Mesa and the surrounding communities. There’s only one company that can offer superior quality, competitive pricing, and unmatched dedication – 619 Roofing. We bring all of the mentioned perks that make us an investment that truly pays off. Increase the value of your property and get the highest ROI with us!


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    • Client-focused service: Our team always puts your interests first, so rest assured we’ll do our best to save you time, money, and energy through dedication and efficiency.
    • Roofing experts unlike others: We’re experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable professionals who can handle roof repairs, tear-offs, maintenance, re-roofs, and more.
    • Customized roofing solutions: We adjust our approach to the specific demands of your projects to deliver optimal results and long-lasting quality.
    • Financing made easy: Our reasonable pricing and multiple financing options through cost-effective installments will make your investment worthwhile and profitable.
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    If you need dependable roofing contractors who can handle your repair service in La Mesa without any delay, you know we’re the right people for the job. Eliminate any possible risks of a faulty improvement by simply relying on our team of experts. Whether your roof collapsed, you’ve noticed some leaks, or a few missing shingles, we’ll deliver an equal level of meticulousness and commitment. What’s more, we will respond to your requests promptly to prevent minor issues from turning into a major disaster. No liability, no risks, no unnecessary costs!



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    After an in-depth inspection of your property in La Mesa, we will devise a detailed plan on how best to approach the identified problems. Our home roof repair services, as well as tear-offs, gutter installation, re-roofs, and maintenance, are based on proven solutions that have demonstrated their reliability and durability. Additionally, we’re equipped with cutting-edge tools and always keep up with industry advancements to deliver superior quality. This way, we bring value and long-term benefits to both home and commercial property owners.

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    Here at 619 Roofing, we collaborate with HOA members, homeowners, and commercial property owners in La Mesa, as well as the rest of the region. Thus, if you need someone to deliver world-class roof repair services just reach out to us. We’re all highly qualified, with countless number of successful projects under our belts. Our team boasts masterful skills, extensive practical knowledge, and unwavering dedication to our clients. There’s nothing roof-related we can’t handle, so contact us whenever you need our help!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What kind of roof lasts the longest?

      While this depends up to a point on the maintenance and the type of climate you reside in, concrete, clay, and slate tiles have proven over time that they are the most long-lasting option. Slate roofs are sometimes referred to as “forever roofs” because they are seemingly indestructible and can last for more than 100 years. Contact us and let our roofing contractors in La Mesa answer all your questions and consult you on the best solution for your property.

    • What is the most expensive roof to insure?

      Insurance companies usually ask for more when you’re trying to insure a flat roof. They are more expensive to insure since they have a shorter lifespan than angled constructions. The main reason for this is that they tend to accumulate moisture because the water doesn’t have a clear path to drip off as it does on a typical sloped roof. To learn more, give us a call and discuss your needs with our home roofing contractors directly.

    • What roof is the most expensive?

      The most expensive roofing to install is slate. The main drawback of slate solutions is that they can cost as much as 5 times more than your average asphalt roofing in La Mesa. Another problem is that they can weigh a lot, which can pose a problem for some types of homes. Other than this, slate roofs are pretty much indestructible, look classy, and exhibit great thermal comfort properties.

    • Should the roof be darker or lighter than the house?

      It mostly depends on your stylistic preferences. Some roofing contractors in La Mesa recommend opting for a contrasting color in relation to your home. If your house is lighter colored, then going with dark-colored roofing may give your place a pleasing look. On the other hand, having a light-colored roof is a good choice for people who live in sun-drenched areas, both in terms of longevity and heat-repelling properties.

    • Where can I find the top home roofing contractors near me in La Mesa, CA & nearby?

      If you’re looking for a trustworthy, dedicated home roofing service, 619 Roofing is always the best choice. Simply put, we’re the leading roofing contractors in San Diego County and beyond who can handle an array of roof repair services in your area.

      We will tackle your project with minimal disruptions to your everyday life so that you can rest easy and enjoy a lovely day in La Mesa. Our professional roofing assistance in Lemon Grove is among our most sought-after services, so if you’re located in this area, schedule an appointment and we’ll get down to business. Call us today!