How Do You Know Your Roofers Did a Bad Job?

Feb / 28 / 2022

A wide variety of phenomena can damage your roof, such as natural disasters, UV rays, and algae growth. Regardless of the cause, you need to hire dependable roof leak repair contractors in Orange County to deal with the issue. They’ll make sure your roof is once again in tip-top shape.

However, things don’t always go according to plan when technicians fix your roof. If you can’t tell they did a bad job, you risk living under an unsafe structure, and you can’t afford this risk. 

To help you avoid it, we’ll list a few ways to tell your roofers did a bad job. The following information can save you a lot of money and trouble, so read on! 

How can you tell if a roofing job is bad?

How can you tell if a roofing job is bad

A number of problems can plague your roof. For instance, your roof leak can be caused by many things, and it needs to be repaired properly. You shouldn’t delay hiring a professional since the damage can spread. 

But once the experts leave the site, you also need to inspect the roof to ensure you’ve gotten your money’s worth. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for: 

Asymmetric appearance 

Your roof should look good as new after the repairs. Any sign of uniformity indicates poor workmanship. 

Some of the things you don’t want to see are discolored shingles, mismatched materials, and sloped roof lines. It gets even worse if the professionals use materials that vary drastically in terms of quality. 

Improper nail use 

Haphazard nail jobs and techniques are a clear sign of bad roofing workmanship. The technicians cut corners, and here’s what normally indicates this problem: 

  • Overdriven nails: Nails that aren’t flush or flat across your roof point to amateur nail techniques. This is a result of aggressive hammering. 
  • Rusty nails: Roof nails should be resistant to weathering and corrosion. Therefore, if you notice your nails are rusting shortly after the work is done, it means the team uses low-quality products. 
  • Nails all over the place: The rule of thumb says that nails should be placed an inch above the cut-out and an inch from the edges. If this doesn’t apply to your roof, it indicates that the workers performed their services unprofessionally. 

Old flashing 

Competent roofers always use new materials to guarantee first-rate results. They don’t reuse existing or old flashing. 

Hence, you want to inspect your flashing after every roofing job. If it doesn’t look new, it can cause water to leak into your house through many weak points, such as valleys and chimneys. This can lead to costly restoration and even replacement of the entire structure. 

To avoid this issue, always ask your roofing professional if they plan to use new flashing. If they don’t, look for another contractor. 

Why is my roof still leaking after a repair?

Why is my roof still leaking after a repair

There can be several culprits for water leaking through your newly repaired roof:

  • General issues: The main cause of your leak may not be located in your roof itself. The problem may lie in the vicinity. For example, your gutters might be clogged, preventing rainwater from reaching the drain and resulting in leaks. 
  • Water accumulation in another section. Your technicians might not have examined the entire roof when fixing a section or two. The source may lie in a different area of your house than where the damage manifests itself. 
  • Foundation shift. Your foundation can shift and create new cracks for water to seep through. 

Looking for highly trained roof leak repair contractors in Orange County? They’re at your beck and call. 

You shouldn’t take roof leaks in your Orange County home lightly. Besides compromising the structure of your house, you’d be putting your and your family’s well-being at risk. 

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