3 Tips for Working with HOA on a Roofing Project

Aug / 31 / 2021

Getting a new roof or repairing an old one is complicated enough as it is. However, it gets even worse when you add your Homeowners’ Association to the equation. The organization is notorious for being hard to work with and requiring you to meet various conditions. Unfortunately, this can’t be avoided.

The good news is that dealing with your HOA in Orange County, CA, doesn’t have to be overly difficult. To make your life easier, we have prepared 3 time-tested tips used by experts who provide HOA roofing services that will help you get your roofing project done and keep your HOA happy without too much hassle. Read on!

How to work with your HOA on a roofing job?

Getting approved for the job and following the association’s guidelines aren’t the only two things you should be worried about when working with your HOA. Once you’ve settled on the type of your roof you intend to install, you should also take the following actions: 

1. Try to arrange a re-roofing committee

Suggest forming a re-roofing committee that consists of construction and real estate experts. The committee can help you defend your proposals and make sure the association understands they shouldn’t only consider the lowest bid. This is because HOAs generally want to keep costs to the bare minimum, which is rarely the ideal option in the long term.  

However, a re-roofing committee can help you provide more information and convince the association that higher upfront expenses can guarantee greater savings down the line. 

Keeping the dialogue between your HOA and the re-roofing committee transparent is key. For instance, if you’re discussing a new roofing material with your HOA, make sure that both sides understand the benefits. As a result, everyone will be on the same page and understand the project requirements. 

2. Set up a town hall meeting 

Setting up a town hall meeting after presenting your bid is a great way for neighbors to voice any concerns they may have about your roofing project. The list may include various logistical aspects, like materials, workers’ access throughout the project, and construction material disposal

If possible, compile a paper that handles these logistical problems and safety issues. Try to answer as many questions as you can while distributing the paper to the community and your HOA in Orange County, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Need licensed and professional Orange County, CA, HOA roofing services3. Keep all parties on your side 

The trickiest part of cooperating with your HOA is addressing the large number of people involved in the process. The organization is usually risk-averse and warrants careful handling. Their members can be quite bothersome, and it’s essential to engage with them and keep them on your side. Also, bear in mind that their perspective and priorities are vastly different from yours. 

To avoid unnecessary hassle, try to play up the importance of the project in terms of the property’s resale value. Take plenty of time to explain why doing the job right instead of doing it cheaply has long-term benefits. Doing this properly the first time helps you avoid a lot of trouble down the line.

Need licensed and professional Orange County, CA, HOA roofing services?

Installing or repairing a roof can be a daunting home improvement project, especially if you’re working with unreliable contractors. They can provide sub-par results, costing you a lot of money in the long run and potentially damaging the underlying structure of your roof. To avoid this scenario, reach out to 619 Roofing. 

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