Roofing During Winter: 5 Key Benefits

Jan / 19 / 2023

Roofing-During-Winter-5-Key-BenefitsMany homeowners avoid hiring San Diego, CA, experts in roof maintenance and installation in the winter. They believe the weather is too cold for new roofing, even if it’s a small unit. As a result, they postpone the work until spring.

However, there are several reasons you may want to mount a new roof during winter. We’ll list them right here – keep reading!

Should you get a new roof in the winter?

Contrary to popular belief, you can install new roofs and various solutions that drive animals away from your roof during winter. You can also add premium base flashing, downspouts, and drip edges. Here are the most significant benefits of these improvement projects:

1. Avoid harming the landscaping

Installing a new roof is easier during summer, but this period comes with its fair share of drawbacks. For instance, this is when your landscaping is in its full glory, with fully blossomed flowers. As a result, the risk of damage due to falling debris and shingles is much higher.

This doesn’t hold true for winter jobs. Installing a roof during this season allows contractors to work more confidently due to dormant plants.

2. In-depth troubleshooting

Many mishaps can take place when mounting a new roof. For example, the structure might not be sealed correctly. Even the tiniest cracks and gaps can enable a lot of heat to leave the property.

By contrast, mounting a roof in cold weather lets experts check for any escaping heat and address the problem in real-time. This way, you can regulate indoor temperature effortlessly and reduce the need to turn on your furnace as often, leading to lower energy bills.

3. Lower inclination to postpone the installation

Summers in your area are hot and long. The opportunities to spend quality time outdoors are endless, but that’s not the case if you need to install a roof. You need to be there most of the time, restricting you to your property for a few weeks.

The easiest solution is to mount your roof during winter. You’re less likely to leave your house at this time, so you won’t need to postpone your plans as often.

4. Reliable protection

Winter weather doesn’t go easy on your roof. Fortunately, you can preempt the damage by mounting your roof before icy storms. The unit will have what it takes to endure any challenge more easily.

5. Preparing you for rain showers

April showers can be severe, especially if your roof comes out of the winter with extensive damage. A winter-torn unit is prone to pooling water and leaks, leading to rot, mold, and other problems.

By attaching a  roof during winter, you get peace of mind, knowing the structure is prepared for the wet season. If you’re planning on selling your place, you’ll be able to start showcasing your home earlier. You may even get a higher price for your property.

Can you fix a roof during winter?

You can fix your roof during winter. The lack of warm weather may keep your shingles from creating an instant seal, but professionals can make up for it with caulking.

Repairs during winter are a great decision if your roof is missing a section or two. Leaving it unchecked is a disaster waiting to happen. Any snow can melt and cause water damage to your drywall and other parts of the house.

Therefore, don’t take a chance. Hire licensed roofers to repair your unit, especially if it’s winter.

Should-you-get-a-new-roof-in-the-winterNeed in-depth San Diego, CA, winter roof maintenance? Industry-leading experts are available 24/7!

Winter roof installations and repairs are major projects that should only be done by a licensed team, and 619 Roofing is your best option.

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