5 Common Gutter Problems

May / 28 / 2021

Water damage caused by clogged gutters can be very common. Since they typically remain out of sight, most problems don’t reveal themselves immediately. But once heavy rain occurs, poor maintenance can lead to massive overflow. Once they can no longer convey runoff to your downspouts, many repercussions take place, warranting the work of committed gutter cleaners in San Diego.

To prevent such negative scenarios, it’s crucial to handle any issues in their early stages. To help you take action on time, we’ll cover the most common signs these roof components need attention. Keep reading! 

Is it normal for gutters to hold water? 

No amount of standing water in gutters is normal. It can lead to a bunch of problems, such as pest infestation and mold growth. The extra weight added by standing water can also cause your gutters to move away from the fascia.

For this reason, gutters should be cleaned regularly since it helps prevent water accumulation. Your best is to hire professional roofers to do the work because they know all the tricks to clean gutters quickly. Here’s when you should bring in the experts:

Clogged gutters

Clogging is a problem most gutters are plagued by. It occurs when debris blocks gutter channels or downspouts, preventing water from running away from the roof. Consequently, water starts backing up and can’t find a way into roof or attic gaps, leading to leaks.

This issue can render your insulation useless, adding to energy efficiency problems. Furthermore, even if your gutters are sealed tight, the added weight of the water can put pressure on fascia attachments, resulting in potential collapsing.


Metallic gutters can rust, especially on older homes with poor maintenance. While newer systems feature PVC or aluminum, corrosion can still take place if the items are fastened with nails, screws, or bolts, which may not be protected from rust.

Improper pitch

Gutters need to be angled properly so that water can flow into downspouts. Drains parallel to horizontal rooflines only invite stagnant water, especially if they are blocked. In turn, gutter materials can erode and provide ideal conditions for pest infestation. For instance, mosquitos can lay eggs in standing water and make the place less comfortable to live in.

Faulty constructed downspouts

Downspouts often get neglected despite being an essential component of the entire system. If improperly built, leaks can crop up along their length.

The downspout runoff end should be between four and six feet away from exterior walls to allow rainwater to flow away from the house. Otherwise, basement walls and foundations absorb the rainwater.


Damaged gutters

On top of holes, gutters can have many other forms of damage. One of the main culprits is weather. More specifically, heavy windstorms and rainstorms can seriously damage and knock down gutters.

In this case, the repairs may be simple and require rehanging. However, some sections may need to be replaced altogether if their structural integrity has been compromised. Regardless of the severity, your best bet is to reach out to a roofing company. They’ll inspect the entire system and determine the best way to return your gutters to their former condition.

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