All You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Gutters

May / 28 / 2021

Many homeowners take their gutters for granted. However, they serve a critical function, keeping water from snowmelt or rain away from the roof, walls, landscape, and foundation. Without correctly functioning gutters, there’s a risk of facing costly damage to the house. For this reason, taking care of these crucial parts of your home is highly recommended. 

Still, you may not be sure how often you need gutter cleaning in your San Diego household or what they should be cleaned with. But no worries – we’re about to answer some of the most important aspects of gutter cleaning, including the optimal frequency and proper tools. Read on for a bunch of handy tips! 

How often should gutters be cleaned? 

Standing water in your gutters is just one repercussion of poor maintenance. The easiest way to avoid this is to contact professional roofers to perform throughout cleaning since they know how to remove gutter sludge efficiently

As for how often you should do it, the answer varies. But in general, you should make an appointment with a roofing company to clean your gutters at least twice a year. Also, depending on the foliage near your house (e.g., pine treed), you might want to arrange cleaning once every three months. 

What do you clean rain gutters with? 

You have various options when choosing the tool for cleaning your rain gutters: 

  • Leaf blowers: Leaf blowers often feature a nozzle component built to eject a stream of air, ideal for gutter cleaning. You need to position a ladder so that it lets you work gradually toward downspouts, removing obstructions as you progress. Once the bulk of the debris is gone, use a hose to get rid of any lingering twigs or leaves. 
  • Wet/dry vacuums: Wet/dry vacuums are perfect for dealing with heavier gutter debris. Home improvement stores should have the necessary curved attachments and hoses required to reach your gutters from the ground. Bear in mind that you may need to moisten stubborn dirt before using the vacuum. Plus, don’t forget to flush the downspouts and gutters with warm water. 
  • Power washers: Gutter sludge can be blasted away with fine-spray nozzles on power washers. Additionally, pressure washers work wonders with clogged downspouts. All you need to do is point the nozzle at the hole and rinse the shaft to allow water to run freely.

Is there a tool to clean gutters from the ground? 

We’ve already mentioned one tool that lets you clean your gutters from the ground – wet/dry vacuums with appropriate hoses and attachments. But you can also try a telescopic hose wand. This product can be attached to the threaded fitting on your garden hose and come with hooked arms. The arms can reach and spray down into gutters, providing an ideal cleaning angle. 

Additionally, telescopic hose wands don’t require pressure washers. They get their pressure from your hose and raise it with their nozzles designed to increase water pressure. You can also adjust their wands to tackle especially high gutters. 

Book second-to-none gutter cleaning in San Diego for fantastic results 

There are ways to clean your gutters on your own. However, the job takes a lot of patience to ensure all debris is removed, and there are also safety risks if you’re climbing the ladder. Therefore, why not leave the work to trained professionals? 

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You don’t have to observe the cleaning process, either, since it can get quite nasty. Instead, enjoy the marvelous exhibits at the San Diego Museum of Art and return to dirt-free gutters. 

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