A Brief Guide to Gutter Cleaning Hacks

Jun / 23 / 2021

In fall, leaves don’t just change colors. They also fall from the treetops into your gutters, leaving a ton of dirt that prevents the components from draining water. Since you may dread the thought of removing the gunk manually, you’re looking for easier ways to deal with the debris

Even if nothing comes to mind, no worries. Your trusted San Diego gutter cleaning services are about to reveal several simple methods that can help you perform the job without a hitch. Keep reading for some handy tips and tricks! 

What is the easiest way to clean gutters? 

Dirt build-up is one of the most common gutter problems. Apart from preventing water from flowing away, it can also cause damage to your siding, foundation, and landscaping. When performing thorough gutter cleaning, hiring the pros is your best bet since they have all the tools and skills to handle the issue rapidly. 

However, if you’ve decided to take on the task on your own, here are some tips that can facilitate the process and enable you to work faster: 

Using a leaf blower 

Just as it replaces arduous raking tools, leaf blowers can also be used to prevent removing gutter debris manually. The simplest method is to get on a ladder, reach the roof, and walk along the edges. This gives you a perfect view of the gutters and lets you blow leaves and other dirt as you progress. 

A safer method is to employ an extension kit. It curves and extends the leaf blower’s reach, allowing you to clean gutters from the ground. However, you need to wear safety goggles with this method since you’re standing below leaves falling out of the gutters. Although the technique is pretty messy, it’s also quite effective. 

Get a power washer 

If a powerful storm hits before cleaning your gutters, leaves may turn wet and sticky. As a result, working with air compressors and leaf blowers is more challenging since they may not be powerful enough to scrape the debris. 

In this case, the best method may be to opt for a power washer. Due to the force the high-pressure unit produces, you might want to use a telescopic wand. Try to find a u-shaped attachment, too, so that you can tackle your gutters from the ground. 

Once you’re done cleaning, debris will accumulate on the ground on the bottom of your downspouts. You can get rid of it with gloved hands or rakes, or sweep it with a broom. Dirt may also end up on the windows, siding, and anything else under the gutters. Therefore, consider moving patio furniture and other valuable belongings so that you can rinse the area.

Need comprehensive San Diego gutter cleaning servicesWet/dry vacuums 

Another great way to get rid of gutter gunk is to use a wet/dry vacuum. This is especially beneficial because it lets you pick up the mess from the ground without soiling the surrounding area. You can perform the cleaning while climbing a ladder or purchasing an extension kit to reach the objects with your feet on the ground. 

Need comprehensive San Diego gutter cleaning services? We are at your beck and call! 

Even with effective gutter cleaning equipment and methods by your side, removing gunk from your gutters can be off-putting. If you don’t have physical capabilities or time to clean them yourself, reach out to 619 Roofing. We offer thorough cleaning services to save you the trouble of handling the task on your own.

With your newfound free time, why not explore the wonders of Mount Soledad. You’ll enjoy a much better view than dirty gutters.

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