Old Shingles & Steep Roofs: Guide to Roof Tear Off

Apr / 29 / 2021

When you see a home with old roof shingles, you assume that there is something wrong with it. That doesn’t have to be the case. Old roof shingles don’t necessarily mean poor roof quality, but if left unchecked, they can cause quite a lot of damage.

If you didn’t replace your roof shingles in a long while, you might be considering a roof overlay, but be careful: one set of roof shingles is better than two. By doing an overlay, you won’t see the potential risks for decking damage, leaks, etc. Roof tear-off has different phases that ensure the safety and quality of your roof.

But what happens if the roof is too steep? Roof tear off professionals in San Diego, CA offer you some advice on old shingle integrity and tearing off shingles on steep roofs. Read on to learn more!

Is it better to tear off old shingles?

The answer is quite simple. Yes! It is better to tear off old shingles in any case. It’s quite logical, too. When a white table cloth becomes gray because it’s old, you don’t sew another white one on top of it.

There are many reasons why tearing off old shingles is better than putting new ones on top of them:

  • Cracked shingles: If new shingles are put on top of cracked shingles, there will definitely be issues regarding leaks. The leaks cause mold to form, mold puts extra strain on the roof. It’s a chain reaction.
  • Inadequate inspections: When doing an overlay, there’s no possibility to thoroughly inspect the roof. The most important thing is to inspect the roof for potential risks.
  • Not cost-efficient: It’s quite costly in the long run. It’s inevitable that the roof shingles will need to be replaced at some point. By replacing them immediately, the cost is cheaper because you’re paying for one service.
  • Regulations: Sometimes, the local government might have regulations against overlays, mainly for safety reasons.
  • Too much weight: This is one of the main reasons for not doing an overlay. Some roofs are too small or lack the infrastructure to handle the extra weight. 
  • Moss and algae build-up: If there’s moss, algae, or any dark stains on the roof, the old shingles need to go so that the roof integrity can be inspected. There will be some damage under those pesky stains.

Tearing off old shingles warrants more thorough inspections and leads to a safer roof overall. Don’t rely on old shingle integrity, because it’s a bad solution in the long run. The more you wait, the more damage it will cause, and the more expenses will accumulate.

So, what about steep roofs?

How to Tear Off Shingles on a Steep RoofHow to tear off shingles on a steep roof?

The roof tear-off should be done by an expert, someone who is used to working on roofs. When it comes to steep roofs, there’s no doubt that you should call a professional. The most important reason is safety.

There’s a lot of safety equipment involved when working on steep roofs. Rappelling gear, scaffolding gear, bungee cords for tools, non-slip boots, protective eye-wear, and gloves play a crucial role in such projects.

It will take a long time to do it because the scaffolding and rappelling gear needs to be moved as you move. The more reason to call a professional to do so. The procedure for a steep roof tear-off is more or less the same as any other roof.

Who should I call for a steep roof tear off in San Diego, CA?

Don’t let your old roof shingles cause any further damage, just like you wouldn’t let any other part of your home fester away. When you come across an issue in your home, you normally fix it ASAP. It’s only logical to do the same when your roof is concerned.

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