Roof Tear Off vs. Overlay: What’s Right for You?

Mar / 31 / 2021

Deciding whether to do a roof tear-off or an overlay can be quite a conundrum. Tearing off the old roof and replacing it with a new one seems like the right choice, but there is also another option: going for an overlay.

A roof tear-off can be done in less than one day when the right conditions are met. Then again, so can an overlay. In other words, both of these options have their pros and cons, so it’s just a matter of choice in the end, but this choice ultimately depends on your specific circumstances and budget.

Roof tear-off experts in San Diego are here to help you decide which option is the right one for you. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll get a better idea of what to do. So, let’s talk pros and cons!

Roof tear-off pros and cons

Opting for a roof tear-off has numerous pros:

  • Detailed inspection of the roof deck and other layers under the shingles: after a tear off, the old roof is gone, and your roofing technicians can see any issues and fix them immediately. They can analyze the current condition of the roof and replace parts that deteriorated over time.
  • Better quality: This advantage is closely related to the previous one. A keen eye can see possible problems that might arise in the future. Leakage risk areas can get better protection and fortification.
  • Improvement: By tearing off your roof, you’ll always have the option to make the new one better and more durable. This upgrade can greatly enhance quality and lifespan.
  • Durability: It’s only logical that a new roof is going to last longer than an old one. New parts come with fewer problems and longer expectancy.
  • Greater value: The value of the property itself will increase. Like with any other addition to your home, a good roof can add great value.

There’s only one downside of roof tear-off: it costs more. Although a roof tear-off may not be budget-friendly, it is probably more reliable than a roof overlay. Keep that in mind while you’re finding out the pros and cons of overlays.

roof-overlayRoof overlay pros and cons

A roof overlay has only two pros over a roof tear-off:

  • It’s budget-friendly as the contractors won’t need to remove the old roof, and they only add a layer of the roof on top of the old one.
  • It takes less time to complete for the same reason.
  • The risk of damage and delays is reduced. No sudden rainfall or storm will prevent the contractors from carrying out their tasks.
  • A lot less debris. Roof tear-off always results in a lot of debris as the old parts of the roof are basically thrown away. However, roof tear-off experts prevent the debris from spreading through your yard.

Speaking of cons, these should make it a lot easier for you to make the right choice:

    • A shorter lifespan than with a roof tear-off. Once the new shingles are placed on top of the old roof, heat, dust, and other things can get trapped in between. This can cause damage to both layers resulting in deterioration.
    • No checking for possible issues at a later time. You can’t check for deck deterioration or any possible leak areas.
    • It may decrease the resale value of your property.
    • It adds more weight. The overlay unfortunately adds extra weight to the whole construction of your roof. It can compromise the integrity of the posts and the deck.
  • Replacement is inevitable if you take all these factors into account. Sooner or later you’ll have to replace the whole roof and do a roof tear-off.

Should I tear off my old roof?

All things considered, it’s obvious that a roof tear-off is much more convenient. To recap, you make your roof more durable, it increases the value of your property, and it generally looks better.

Roof tear-off experts advise you to refrain from overlays as they have a shorter lifespan, don’t account for possible issues with other parts of the roof, and inevitably result in a roof tear-off. However, this depends on your specific situation, so contractors will give you a personalized recommendation and guide you to the right decision when doing the initial evaluation.

Who should I call when I need a roof tear-off in San Diego?

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