What Does Re-Roofing Entail?

Jul / 20 / 2020

Any issue with the roof over your head is enough to give you a headache. San Diego homeowners and commercial property owners who face issues with their roof usually have serious dilemmas on their hands: repair the roof or replace it? Replace the whole roof or just one section? Schedule a more affordable re-roofing in San Diego, commonly referred to as overlay, or invest in a brand new roof installation? 

You need to make well-thought out, informed decisions if you intend to avoid wasting time and money on redos, eliminate health and safety concerns and reduce costs and risk of liability. So how does re-roofing fit the bill and what does it entail? Is a re-roof a lasting solution worth your time and money?

What does re-roofing mean?

Re-roofing is a process during which your roofing contactor will not strip the old shingles, but instead cover them with a layer of new shingles. Due to the limitations of the load bearing capacity of your roof structure, a re-roof can only be done once in the life of your roof. Doing a re-roof twice drastically raises the risk of the roof collapsing.


What does re roofing mean

What is the difference between a re-roof and new roof?

If you are reading this, you are probably suspecting the condition of your roof, whether based on age alone, poor performance caused by leaks and damage or visible decay that is impossible to overlook and ignore. If repair is not an option, you will need to replace the roof, and when it comes to roof replacement, you have two options: a budget-friendly roof overlay or a brand new roof installation. 

When a new roof is installed, the whole underlying structure is done from scratch. For instance, if you are installing new asphalt shingles, you will need to install underlayment and new flashing first, and then size your shingles unless they are pre-cut and nail them to the roof, starting at the edge. In case of a re-roof, less material is used and less time is needed..

How long does a re-roofing project last?

The duration of the project depends mainly on the size or surface area and complexity of your roof. It can last between a day or two to a week or more. Your roofing contractor will give you a rough estimate of the project completion date upon conducting the pre-inspection.

So what are the steps of a reroofing project?

* Roof inspection: pre-inspection is the mandatory first step in the process. It helps your contractor determine the extent of damage and previous works. Based on that, they will determine whether re-roofing is a safe and reliable option. Other inspections performed over the course of the project include progress inspection and the final inspection.

* Prep work: prep work boils down to taking down precautionary measures to secure the premises and prevent personal injury or damage to the surrounding elements or environment, such as the landscape in your frontyard. If the roof is steep, your roofing contractor will install safety boards, ladders and fall protection equipment to facilitate safe access.

* Installation of shingles: installing a new layer of roofing material over the existing one. Reroofing does not involve tear off, which is a mandatory step of roof replacement. Tear off is the process of removing all the old roofing material, down to the roof deck. This process is followed by installation of underlayment. Since a reroof includes neither of these steps, the process is considerably less time-consuming.

* Progress inspection.

* Installation of roof flashings: Flashing is installed around the key roof features, such as vents and skylights.

* Clean up.

* Final inspection.

What is the difference between re roof and new roof

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