How Did Roofs Come to Be: The Fascinating History

May / 31 / 2022

If you’re happy with the design of your roof and you’re maintaining it regularly, you probably think: “This is the reason I have the best-looking house in the entire neighborhood.” If you’re not taking it for granted like some homeowners, you may also start wondering about its past. However, you might be interested in taking a trip through history books and finding out when the very first roof was invented. If that is the case, you’ve come to the right place! 

Your local experts in restoring broken roof tile repair in Orange County are glad to share this piece of history with you. To become familiar with this structure’s earliest days, continue reading! 

When was the roof invented? 

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A lot has changed since the invention of roofs. There are now numerous styles you can choose from and hundreds of fascinating things you can learn about roofs. For instance, there are many reasons birds are attracted to your roof – it’s a perfect nesting area. 

But let’s take a step back and see when these structures were invented. This took place more than 40,000 years ago in Siberia. People were quite creative, as they used the skin of woolly mammoths as clothing, but also as a primitive cover against precipitation, wind, and wild animals. 

As their architectural knowledge expanded, they started building tent-like structures. In most cases, they relied on branches, stones, and reeds. Branches were tied to the ground with stones and reeds plastered with mud to assemble these prehistoric roofs. 

What were ancient roofs made of? 

While animal skin and branches were used in the late stone age, ancient civilizations started to emerge and discover new materials and building techniques. For example, ancient Greeks mostly built thatch roofs supported by clay bricks. They also constructed temples and other public buildings with marble roofs. These construction projects became much bigger than clay solutions, which expedited the construction. 

As for ancient Chinese, their oldest roofs were constructed from thatch. Wood walls supported them, but they soon started relying on brick and stone as the primary building materials. Thousands of years later, the Zhou Dynasty typically used clay roof tiles.

Another civilization that contributed to the development of robust roofs is the Persians. They made their structures using thatch from any plant available. However, there was a scarcity of wood and similar materials in this area, so they looked for different options. Heavy soli was their go-to solution, allowing them to make brick and clay roofs. 

How were old roofs built?

Old peoples employed all sorts of techniques to build their roofs:

When was the roof invented

  • Ancient Greeks: Their tiles had two shapes to help create a waterproof system called tegula and imbrex. They laid down the tiles and covered the joints with imbrex and tegula. As the water fell on the tiles, it rolled off onto imbrex sections, down the structure, and into gutters. 
  • Ancient Chinese: This civilization faced frequent earthquakes, so they constructed low gable roofs. But instead of placing gables at the front of buildings, they attached them to the sides. Some even had overhanging eaves. 
  • Persians: Persians were famous for circular roofs, relying on a unique method that involved squinches. They featured two domes supported by these squinches, so they were incredibly stable. 

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Learning about the history of roofs is fun and can be used to draw inspiration for contemporary projects. In fact, some of these ancient techniques can still be used to create beautiful and quite sturdy structures. Nevertheless, you could argue that addressing the current condition of your Orange County property is crucial. However, instead of handling and patching it up yourself, while postponing your trip to Yorba Linda, contact 619 Roofing to solve the problem.

How were old roofs built

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