10 Considerations for Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Mar / 31 / 2022

So you’ve decided to repair your roof or invest in a full re-roofing in Orange County. It’s suffered a lot of wear and tear, so you want to restore it to its former glory. However, you fear climbing the structure because you could slip and fall. Plus, you likely don’t have the right tools for the job, which is why you might do more harm than good. 

Hiring a professional solves all these problems. They’re well-versed in a variety of projects, so you’ve made the right call. However, you shouldn’t settle for subpar technicians, as they’re less likely to do the work correctly. You want to select the best contractor for the job, and the following article will help you do so. Read on.

How do I choose the best roofers? 

Even though you’ve decided to leave the work to the pros, you can’t be reckless. Besides conducting an interview before hiring one, you also need to take several details into account. These will help you avoid booking the wrong technicians: 

Insurance and local licenses 

Most states require contractors to obtain proper licenses to work legally. You need to verify your technicians have them to avoid various issues. Another thing you should verify is if they have liability and workmanship insurance.


Make sure your company is authorized to install the material you need for the job. They should be adept at mounting the materials from the desired manufacturer. Otherwise, they may make mistakes during the installation and void your warranty. 

Local businesses 

Try to hire local contractors. They’re familiar with the local building codes and offer quick solutions when you’re dealing with an emergency. 

No subcontractors 

Ask your prospects whether they plan on performing the project on their own or outsourcing it to subcontractors. Reputable teams should work independently, demonstrating they’re experienced enough to provide fantastic results. 

On the other hand, stay away from companies that send subcontractors. Unfamiliar crews might lack the skills to work correctly. 


Roof projects can be expensive. You want to avoid mistakes because they can be quite expensive. Even if you need to pay a bit more for an experienced contractor, it usually pays off since they know what they’re doing. 


Trustworthy roofers should have positive reviews you can check through references. They’ve probably carried out projects in nearby areas, so be sure to contact previous clients. Ask about their customer service, workmanship, and timeliness. 


When your roofer shows up to inspect your place, they need to be thorough. They should check the roof, attic space, and many other areas to identify potential problems.

How do I choose the best roofersTransparent communication 

Experts should promptly answer your questions, pick up calls, and respond to emails. Plus, they should be polite and explain their services clearly. If their customer service is inadequate, you should consider another company.

No upfront payments 

Steer clear of companies that demand a full payment upfront. A request for a small deposit is fine, as long as they continue the work. You should be allowed to pay only after the work is done.

Written estimates 

You should know what to expect when hiring a particular contractor. The only way to do so is to ask your technician to write an estimate of what the cost includes. In addition, they should explain your contract in detail.

Who provides effective re-roofing in Orange County? 

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