What Are the Key Benefits of a Roof Overlay?

Aug / 21 / 2020

San Diego reroofing services are in high demand among San Diegans who own or manage residential or commercial property with asphalt shingle roofs. For asphalt shingle roofs that are in desperate need of an overhaul, reroofs or overlays represent a durable and cost-effective roofing solution. It is a quick solution which can be completed within a short timeframe. Although it does not cost an outrageous amount of money, a roof overlay is not a quick fix: it can last for at least 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance.

So when is reroofing a viable, reliable solution to your problem and what are the economic and aesthetic benefits of reroofing your property?

When should you reroof?

You can only reroof a house with an asphalt shingle roof once, as the roof structure is not designed to tolerate more than two layers of shingles at most. A reroof or overlay is normally done in the event there has been visible shingle damage. You should perform a reroof upon consulting an experienced roofing contractor if you want to achieve the following:

  •  Add instant curb appeal to your property: Reroofing is an excellent way to make your property more marketable on a budget. By removing visible signs of damage and adding to the
  • aesthetic appeal of your property, you are instantly increasing its sale value, and a fresh and healthy-looking roof is an effective way to accomplish that.
  •  Save money: Perhaps the time will come when you have to replace your old roof, but now is not that time. A re-roof lets you tackle roof shingle damage, prevent extensive damage to the underlying roof structure and the property on the whole and spares you the costs and headaches of repeated repairs over the next 15 years.
  •  Get a low-maintenance solution: Whether old or brand new, the roof on your property requires diligent care, a meticulous cleaning routine and frequent maintenance if you want to extend its life and optimize its functionality. Still, an old, damaged roof will be much more of a burden. You will save much time, money and energy on roof maintenance if you schedule a reroof, which is a less demanding method of solving roofing issues than a full roof replacement.

Is re roofing a good idea

What are the key benefits of a roof overlay?

Reroofing your property with an overlay will be worth your while for the following reasons:

  • More cost-effective: overlays are less complex than tear-offs, require less labor and produce less debris
  • A handy stepping stone: if you are planning on getting a longer-term roofing solution in the next 10 years or so, an overlay lets you enjoy peace of mind in the meantime
  • Shorter work timeline: the contractors will have less work to do and need less time to do it, which means less mess and less hassle for you
  • Less risky: overlays are much less risky than roof replacement jobs, in terms of what could go wrong and the damage they could cause

San Diego reroofing services

Is re roofing a good idea?

Aside from being custom-made to fit your budget and your timeframe, are there any downsides to reroofing your property? 

  • Reroofs are only possible if the roof has never been overlaid in the past
  • A new layer of shingles may be inadvisable on old roof decking and home structure
  • Overlays have a shorter lifespan than full replacements and last for 16 years on average 
  • Inexperienced contractors may not spot hidden damage beneath the shingles
  • Adding an additional layer of shingles requires a strict and frequent maintenance routine

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At 619 Roofing, you will get a custom reroofing project based on an in-depth assessment of your existing roof. We will give you an honest recommendation for the optimal solution from the financial and practical point of view, whether budget-friendly and convenient overlays or comprehensive roof replacements likely to last you a lifetime. 

We handle all roofing projects responsibly and diligently, regardless of scope and location, be it East Village or East County. It is in our best interest and yours too that we give you a strong and durable roofing solution. Call now and let us get to work!