Guide to Roof Certification

Sep / 18 / 2020

It comes as no surprise that property sellers do not just act on the spur of the moment: a great deal of planning and preparation goes into putting a piece of property on the market. Sellers have to demonstrate due diligence and take a look at the bigger picture because buyers will inevitably do the same. 

This brings us to the following point: roofing certifications in San Diego help sell homes, which is why property owners opt to have their roof inspected and certified as part of their pre-listing efforts. But there are other benefits of scheduling a licensed roof certification

So what is a roof certification and how is it different from a roof inspection? Read on to find out more!

What does it mean to have a roof certified?

Roof certification is based on an in-depth roof inspection and serves as proof that the roof is free of defects. Home buyers appreciate properties with a new roof certification, as this gives them reassurance as to the property’s value and amount of investment it may require in the future. A roof certification guarantees that a roof is healthy and sound and that its integrity shall not be compromised for a certain amount of time. 


Is a roof certification a warranty

What is the purpose of a roof certification?

The purpose of a roof certification is to give the parties in a real estate transaction a full and comprehensive overview of the roof’s condition. It gives prospective buyers a realistic, inspection-backed insight into the life expectancy of the roof so they can decide whether they want to proceed with the sale. 

Even an attractive location such as Del Mar cannot hide roof damage or eliminate concerns that prospective buyers may have. Additionally, the bigger the house, the bigger the roof and the more expensive the roof repair. 

That said, roof certification benefits property sellers, too, as properties with a roof certification are more likely to appeal to prospective buyers. Finally, mortgage lenders may not approve financing applications without roof certification.

The bottom line is that a roof certification has three main purposes:

*Inform potential buyers about the roof condition

*Assess the roof’s remaining life expectancy

*Inform sellers if repairs are necessary/advisable

How is a roof certification different from a roof inspection?

The two processes are closely related. A roof certification cannot be performed without a thorough inspection of the roof, which is a hands-on examination of the roof’s health and assessment of its durability.

Various factors affect the complexity, duration and cost of your roof inspection and/or certification:

*Roofing material

*Roof age

*Roof pitch

*Number of layers

*Previous roof repairs

Some controversy exists around repairs performed following a roof inspection on the basis of conflict of interest. Namely, a roofing contractor acting as the roof inspector may recommend repairs that are not necessary, in which case selles may want to schedule a second inspection with a different roofing contractor and base their decision on repairs on that. If there is a discrepancy between the two findings, both should be submitted to the buyer.

Is a roof certification a warranty?

A roof certification is sometimes referred to as a roof warranty certificate. This written certificate is actually a written professional opinion which confirms that the roof will function and perform as designed for a certain period of time and which can only be issued by a licensed roofing contractor. The certification should serve as a performance guarantee. 

In other words, the certification is used as a voucher which certifies the duration of the roof’s minimum useful life. The guarantee is usually good for one to two years, although the roof certification period can last for up to 5 years. 

However, the roof certification will likely not apply in the event of severe damage caused by extreme weather, natural disasters, etc. or damage caused by work done by other contractors following the certification. Property owners in areas susceptible to extreme weather should therefore take out an insurance policy.


What does it mean to have a roof certified

The gold standard of roofing certifications in San Diego

Roofing inspections and certifications can be a powerful tool which you can use to sell your property for a high resale value. As the gold standard of roofing care, installation, repairs and maintenance, at 619 Roofing we are diligent yet efficient when performing your roofing inspection and certification. Our goal is to give your buyers peace of mind and facilitate and speed up the sales process. Contact 619 Roofing and let us know how we can be of service!