What Are the Top 5 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Roof Certification?

Oct / 27 / 2020

One of the most important things you can do when purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property is make sure the roof is in good condition. In addition to protecting the building from the elements, a quality roof improves curb appeal, boosts property value, and prevents costly repairs and replacements down the road. 

So how do you determine if a particular roof is well-made and has received proper maintenance over the years? Unless you’re a roofing expert yourself, your best option is to have the roof examined by a licensed roof certification inspector in San Diego. 

But why do you need to hire an inspector? How does a roof certification help property sellers and buyers? Do mortgage lenders require you to provide a roof warranty certificate? What are the 5 biggest reasons to get a roof certification? Keep reading to learn more. 

Why should I get a roof certification? 

A roof certification is a written certificate that attests that a particular roof is defect-free and will remain so for a certain period of time. When you get a roof certification (also known as a roof warranty certificate), you essentially receive a satisfaction guarantee that protects you against any roof-related issues you may have while the certification is valid. 

Here are the 5 biggest reasons to hire a roof certification expert:

1. It provides you with negotiating power

By resolving any roof issues before listing the property on the market, sellers can avoid price renegotiations or requests for costly repairs. Likewise, buyers can ask to see the certification as a way of making sure the roof is in an acceptable condition.

2. It prevents expensive repairs

Fixing or replacing a bad roof isn’t cheap. To make matters worse, a defective roof can lead to heat loss (which will drive up your heating bills) and leaks that can damage other systems inside the building and even cause electrical fires. 

3. It saves you valuable time

Let’s say the buyer hires a roof inspector, and this inspector discovers hail damage the seller was unaware of. In addition to requesting repairs, the seller now also has to file an insurance claim. This wastes valuable time and runs the risk of the deal falling through. 

By being able to provide a valid roof certification right away, sellers can make it unnecessary for potential buyers to hire their own roof inspectors. This expedites the buying and selling process, and avoids price renegotiations or emotional disagreements between the seller and the buyer. 

4. It gives you peace of mind

Roof certifications protect you against any eventualities for a set number of years (usually up to two). This not only makes a property more attractive to prospective buyers, it’s actually a frequent stipulation made by mortgage lenders. 

5. Hiring a home inspector isn’t enough

General home inspectors usually lack the training and equipment necessary to perform in-depth roof inspections. Unless an issue can be identified from inside the building or from the ground, it’s likely going to go unnoticed. This can include serious problems such as missing shingles, malfunctioning gutters, and dysunfictional flashing. 

Where can I find a reliable roof certification inspector in San Diego?

Why should I get a roof certificationLet’s say you’re looking to sell or buy a property in La Jolla Village. No matter how sturdy and brand-new its roof may look, it can still harbor serious issues that are going to cost a small fortune to repair at a later date. 

Here at 619 Roofing, we’d like to help you make an informed buying or selling decision by using our extensive expertise and experience to give the roof a professional examination. Contact us today!